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Your business signage works well during the day to alert your presence, however, when darkness falls does it lose impact? Illuminated signage can help your business stand out, especially at night or during the winter months when visibility is often limited. Alphabet Signs offer a range of lighting options to customers throughout Rotherham and the surrounding area.


- Light Boxes.

- LEDs.

- Illuminated Lettering.

- Back Lit.

- Face Lit.

- Edge Lit.

Illuminated Signage

Health & Safety

Illuminated signage is suitable for interior and exterior usage, fully complying with all weather, heat and general health and safety specifications. With creative design in a range of colours, you can keep your name in lights 24 hours a day. To see your vision turned into a reality, contact Alphabet Signs today.

Illuminate your business 24 hours a day.

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Shedding Light On Your Business.

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